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Vengeance Chapter Seven
Chapter Seven
Foretold Turnabout
“TERMER! Assist me now!” Lyra screeched and Talya began to walk towards the edge of the depression.
“Don’t.” Nero said sternly from behind Talya. The man was leaning against a small obelisk that appeared to be chiseled alabaster. Various dark stains marred its otherwise perfection. As Nero stepped closer to Lucien and Talya. With the folds of his robes no longer obscuring the archaic surface, the carvings on the surface shone darkly in the light. FAEV. OV GLVMAR.
The black shimmer caught Talya’s eye as she turned to face him.
“Nero. What’s that writing on the obelisk? I’ve never seen that type of script before.” She interrupted his scolding of Lyra.
“Oh that, that’s nothing.” He ignored the catatonic priestess huddled next to him.
“I’ve researched the old writings pulled from the ruins of Glenmar
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Mature content
Penance: Wrath :iconredicatranscension:RedicaTranscension 0 2
All Becomes One
'Font of Fervour’
“Come on, Althrya…!” The Administrator of the province of Prylea urged. “Think of all the good that will uplift everyone.”
“I… I don’t know, Lady Vergir.” Althyra said, unsure of the morality of what her superior was clamouring for.
The two woman were seated in the central garden of the Tribune. Shielded from the mildly powerful winds that swept themselves  from the sea and up the cliffs that ran along the coast by the grand building’s walls, many flowering plants flourished in abundance. Often, the Administrator held her meetings and audiences in the garden. For this occasion, she had even carried the desk and chairs from her office, along with a kettle of warm tea from the kitchens.
“You don’t have to call me so formally, you know.” The Administrator smiled kindly. A fortnight ago, she had sent the formal invitation to Althyra. It read:
’Dearest Althyra~
For the la
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A warm hand holds my face,
Even as the other closes around
My throat.
The rope is rough as it
Encircles and ensnares, consuming itself
In a beloved embrace.
Filled with one small desire;
A flame to hold back the
Rapturous delight.
Under the facet’d, inundating night,
Practised hands turn;
Ouroboros rope drawn into fine wire.
A wondrous sensation blooms,
As nerves die.
(A gilded cage the frailty remains.)
Instead of the noose,
I would prefer the wire.
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Mature content
Warmth :iconredicatranscension:RedicaTranscension 0 3
Mature content
Vengeance Chapter Six :iconredicatranscension:RedicaTranscension 0 0
Penance Introduction
Relic of the Foregone Era
There was a flash of light, and then the darkness set in. You would think that being confronted with the very real possibility of death would change a man’s outlook on life. Then again you probably wouldn’t expect much complication in life.
In order to be ‘saved from eternal perdition’, I am to document the saving of seven souls plagued by sin, and then purge an eighth. Easy enough, yeah? I thought so too.
That was before I found out the ruler of Existence was a ten year old girl.

There was not much to the grey room around Gideon but an opaque fog. He took a confident step forward, before a deep sense of unease permeated his spirit. While he had no recollection of how he had arrived, the man knew he had to keep walking.
Several seconds later, and a table had appeared to his left. Incredibly old, the wood held stains and was warped beyond recognition. And yet; There was a sense of majesty to it that could not be explained.
As Gide
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Vengeance Chapter Five
Chapter Five
A Threadlike Bridge
Hawthorne slowly woke and felt a warmth beside him. He turned softly to find Nero huddled under one of his robes. The man suppressed an urge to caress the mass of cloth, when a pair of grey eyes opened from within the darkness and looked back at him.
Nero was silent as he gazed back at Hawthorne. Just minutes ago, he had been quietly reflecting on the current situation, and now the very subject of his thoughts was curiously regarding him. The only sounds that punctuated the dark were the timely drops of moisture from the ceiling splattering against the stone floor deeper in the tunnel, and Fuzuii writhing like a distressed snake in her sleep.
"How long have you been awake?" Nero questioned quietly, though his voice was still quietly thrown back by the walls.
"Not long, just a minute or so…" He looked away, and was thankful for the cool breeze and darkness concealing his burning cheeks.
"I'm pretty sure it's morning, then." Nero smiled. Hawthorne
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The Void Stares Back
She's standing nearly alone as the darkness surrounds her;
And yet she feels no fear.
There is but a photon of light that dares to permeate the ever growing void that somehow is avoiding her.
The strength of her existence is enough to force back and infuriate the widening tear in her world. The non-existence growls coldly; and yet! silence. This girl is the only thing the void feels, the only thing it cares about. It wishes to make her as empty and void as itself.
To the young girl standing against the aberration, there was never any question as to who would remain and who would not.
To the spatial and temporal rend, there was nothing to distract it or present a challenge. The young girl, who was an archaic leftover from the pathetic forgone era of life, would be Corrupted soon enough.
As if every life she had ever seen led to this, the girl defiantly stood her ground;
Even as it collapsed all around her.
The darkness coalesced and took on the form of a woman with a piercing dark eye.
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Attaining Purity
The burning corona illuminates the
Dormant Hellfires blazing behind your eyes.
The Former Hell of Scorching Fire will
Your falsehoods will burn away.
The excess burned away;
Is there no core to your truth?
The reprise of a promise once held dear;
Now it rots and decays under a silver coat.
Your Corruption shines softly in the night,
As if all else fears its presence.
There will be no spark; no Divine Flame,
To cleanse your sin.
There will be no other.
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Corruption of Desire
Your gaze drifts over; and I feel the acrid pressure of your empty eyes.
If only your blood would freeze,
then the burning would stop.
And the gauntlet would be thrown.
Remorse after the fact is useless;
there is no tomorrow for you.
You'll be your own death;
Though you are undeserving of the title.
I've been waiting for this day;
And it's here.
It's here.
Your path will not continue,
there is no sunrise to your sunset.
The first chapter is also your last.
No matter what you say or what you do:
I deny your existence.
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5. Seeking Solace (200 T.)
Seeking Solace

The darkness cleared from her mind, Yomi Zalde woke with a start. Suddenly and inexplicably, her mind was empty of the corruption that plagued it, and she knew.
The woman knew her past.
And with it, all of the evils she had committed while caught between the opposing influences of the Guardians and the Sentinels.
"What... What have I done...?" She covered her face with battered hands and forced back tears. She looked to her left and saw a man sitting, and watching her with morbid curiosity. A name sprang to her mind. "... Lucien?" Yomi asked softly.
"Oh? No maniacal tirades about the sins of the world?" His cold gaze met her eyes.
"I remember."
"Well, that's good for you. Doesn't really take back or excuse the hateful actions of the past month or so, but..." Lucien's voice trailed off. "I can at least use you as an example of how Aleya needs to be taken out."
The moon was almost at it's peak, and the dim light reflected in hi
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Mafia Cosplay with Hat by RedicaTranscension Mafia Cosplay with Hat :iconredicatranscension:RedicaTranscension 6 11 Mafia Cosplay sans Hat. by RedicaTranscension Mafia Cosplay sans Hat. :iconredicatranscension:RedicaTranscension 4 1
Vengeance Chapter Four
Chapter Four
Lapsus Linguae
"Mistress Aleya, I've been thinking an-" Alton Manere was interrupted by his superior.
"You're just the head of the military forces! That doesn't give you permission to think…!" She laughed at her 'wit'.
The man sighed. Ever since she had been meeting with that dark-eyed stranger, Aleya's behavior had been getting more erratic by the day. In preparation for a worsening of it, he had posted advertisements for a secretarial position.
"Mistress Aleya, I have received confirmation that we shall be getting a new staff-member to assist with miscellaneous tasks in a few days." He continued.
At that moment, the dark-haired man strode confidently into the meeting room and leaned against a chair.
"Oh, Advisor Brutus! I've been expecting you since TOMORROW." Aleya smiled.
"That's nice. I found a type of pill that will increase you mental capabilities. Which as we both know will make your conquests come much more expeditiously." He pulled a shimmering black
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4. Dark (200 T.)
At what I assumed was night, I called for the group to stop walking.
"Wait, how do you know that it's night?"  Lucien asked me suspiciously.
I coldly smiled. "Just a feeling."  
The noblewoman, Lyra, promptly sat down and stirred clouds of dust that threatened to tarnish my impeccable white robe. I figured that once we were all stationary, I might be able to get a word with Hawthorne. And so I leaned against the wall next to her.
"Oh my god! You're so rotund….!" She exclaimed as she poked my outermost robe and her finger sunk in slightly. Hawthorne was watching intently, and I felt my eye twitch.
After hours of walking and having to maintain the light, my tolerance for foolishness had vanished almost completely. I spitefully tore the robe off to reveal an almost identical one beneath it.
"Oh! You're not that fat…! You just wear lots of layers….!" The woman announced like it was some amazing secret. I resisted the urge to cattily
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Other than the skins I don't use, and the polls which I rarely regard, I don't see any major benefits to having a premium membership.
The part where it gets rid of the ads is cool and all, but doesn't really justify the cost.

So I think I'll just let mine slip quietly into nothingness.

My next journal will probably be some critical thought or something.


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